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We are Currently Open to Submissions

We accept all book submissions but please note that we are currently not taking on poetry, short stories, screenplays, radio plays or theatre scripts. We also cannot accept submissions delivered by hand or submissions on discs, memory sticks or other electronic devices.

Please note that we can only consider submissions with material attached. We are unable to respond to general queries or proposals without material.

For further help and guidance on the submission process check out our Agency blog https://darleyandersonblog.com/category/submissions/.

For all submissions, please see each agent's submission policy:

Darley Anderson

If you would like Darley to personally consider your work please email your submission to rebeka@darleyanderson.com.

Adult Fiction
He is looking specifically for thrillers and Scandi-Noir with a strong central character set in America or Ireland or other internationally appealing locations and tear-jerking love stories.

Children's Books
He is looking specifically for books featuring an original series character and animal stories.

Camilla Bolton

Camilla is looking for accessible and commercial crime, thrillers, mysteries, suspense and women’s fiction.

Camilla will only consider submissions with material attached.


Clare Wallace

Clare is building the children’s list and is looking for new authors of picture books, middle grade, teenage, YA and illustrators.

For more information on this and how to submit please go to http://www.darleyandersonchildrens.com/submissions

Does not accept postal submissions

Tanera Simons

Tanera is working on the women’s fiction list and is looking for romance, sagas, commercial and historical women’s fiction.

She will accept submissions both via email and post, only with material attached. If sent via post, please remember to include a SAE otherwise unfortunately we cannot return your manuscript.

Sheila David

Sheila is currently closed to all screenplay and script submissions.

How To Prepare Your Submission 

By Email

  • A covering letter (for more information go to https://darleyandersonblog.com/category/submissions/)
  • A one page synopsis
  • The first three consecutive chapters (or the first 50 pages, whichever comes first)
  • Please email your material as a Microsoft Word or PDF attachment. We cannot accept 'links' to downloadable material and ebooks.

Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions that we receive we are unable to provide confirmation of receipt. However, we do read all submissions so rest assured that we will respond to your submission.

By Post

  • A covering letter (for more information go to https://darleyandersonblog.com/category/submissions/)
  • A one page synopsis
  • The first three consecutive chapters (or 50 pages, whichever comes first)
  • Please include a stamped addressed envelope (SAE) if you would like us to return your submission should it not be right for us. If an SAE is not included all material is automatically shredded and recycled after two months of receipt.
  • Please do not send us submissions that are in bound book form.


Please note that no submissions will be accepted by hand or in person unless requested.
Please note that while every care will be taken with your submission we cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, destruction or delay in their return whatever the cause.

Darley Anderson remains open for business. However, please note that due to widespread disruption from the spread of Coronavirus there may be a slight delay in responses to postal submissions. We ask that you are patient as we do our best to respond.


In order to ensure that your submission goes to the relevant person please send:

By Post:

Darley Anderson Literary, TV & Film Agency
Estelle House
11 Eustace Road
London SW6 1JB

Please send any Non-Fiction submissions by post.

The Children's agency does not accept postal submissions - please email childrens@darleyanderson.com

By Email:

Crime, thrillers, mysteries, psychological thrillers and suspense

Women's Fiction


Children's submissions

(including Young Adult and crossover)

For more information about the Children's Book Agency please visit www.darleyandersonchildrens.com


Sheila David - Please note Sheila David is closed to all submissions. 

Agency Blog

For more guidance on the submission process as well as further information, tips and guidance on how to prepare your submission check out the Darley Anderson Blog. www.darleyandersonblog.com
Please note

Due to the volume of manuscripts we receive each week, there may be occasions where we cannot respond with our normal speed. If you have not heard from us within twelve weeks, please do get in touch.

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