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Cold Killers

November 2016

Lee Weeks' unputdownable novel Cold Killers is out today in paperback.

This is Lee's 5th book in the DC Ebony Willis Series and is sure to grip you right up to the shocking end.  

Cold Justice by Lee Weeks is out today!

January 2016

Lee Weeks' 4th explosive Willis and Carter novel, Cold Justice, is published today by Simon & Schuster.

Congratulations, Lee!

Lee Weeks is No.14 in the Paperback Chart!

December 2014

Lee Week's Frozen Grave has swooped into the paperback chart at No.14. Congratulations, Lee!

Frozen Grave by Lee Weeks is out now!

November 2014

Lee Weeks, our bestselling author of the spine-chilling Dead of Winter and Cold As Ice has released another page-turning new thriller that will have you hooked from start to finish.

A serial killer with a cold heart

A race against time to save the next victim.....

Cold As Ice By Lee Weeks Is Out Today!

December 2013

There's a time to love, a time to hate, a time to heal ...and a time to kill.

On a freezing cold winter's day, the body of a young woman is pulled from an icy canal in London. To D.I. Dan Carter it looks like a tragic accident rather than the work of a murderer.
But D.C. Ebony Willis is not so sure.

Why has the woman's face been painted with garish make-up and wrapped in a plastic bag? Meanwhile cosmetics saleswoman Tracy Collins receives a phonecall. It's been twenty years since she gave up her daughter for adoption, so when Danielle gets in touch, she hesitantly begins to rekindle a relationship with her and her grandson Jackson.

But when Danielle suddenly disappears, Tracy is plunged into the middle of a living nightmare. With the discovery of another body, it becomes clear that Danielle is in grave danger.

There is no time to lose and Ebony Willis must take on the most challenging assignment of her career - to play the role of the killer's next victim.....

From the author of the bestselling Dead of Winter comes a page-turning new thriller that will have you hooked from start to finish.  

Cold Killers out today!

August 2016

Cold Killers, the unmissable new novel from bestselling author Lee Weeks, is out today.

Set in the depths of the East End underworld and its vicious crime families, this gritty and atmospheric read is sure to have you hooked when bad blood turns to murder in the fifth heart-pounding chiller thriller in the DI Carter and DS Willis murder squad series. 

Get your copy today!

Frozen Grave is still a bestseller!

January 2015

6 weeks and counting in the paperback bestseller chart for Lee Weeks with Frozen Grave!

In less than 6 weeks, 30,000 fans have already bought her book in paperback, and that doesn't include the eBook sales!

Nothing Frozen about Frozen Grave's Sales

November 2014

Frozen Grave by bestselling author Lee Weeks has shot to No. 24 on the bestseller list after only a part week's sales. Congratulations, Lee!

Frozen Grave is the latest in Lee's chilling series featuring D.C. Ebony Willis. 

Someone has a list of women. And they're crossing the names out one by one.

The first body is found in a dilapidated warehouse in London's East End - an attractive woman, brutally murdered. She went into the building, dressed for sex - and didn't come out...

Then another woman burns to death in her own home. She was alone but all signs point to murder.

Two seemingly separate victims, but Detective Inspector Carter and Detective Constable Willis are convinced they were killed by the same person......

Lee Weeks Achieves Highest Position Yet!

December 2013

Cold As Ice has soared into the paperback bestseller list at No. 22. Congratulations Lee!!

There's nothing too Icey about that!

Happy Publication day Lee!

December 2012

Sunday Times bestselling author Lee Weeks' latest spine-tingling book Dead of Winter, is out today!!!

The first in Lee's new series introducing London detective Ebony Willis.

A family slaughtered, but no arrest made.
20 years later it's happened again...

Thirteen years ago two women and a young child were found murdered in the idyllic setting of Rose Cottage. A scene of beauty now turned to a landscape of butchery. The only survivor was one of the women’s newborn son. The husband of one of the victims was a policeman himself, Callum Carmichael. All these years later after the force promised him results and delivered nothing and without any convictions, the pariah of suspicion still hangs over him.

Thirteen years later, just a few weeks before the Christmas holidays, a woman’s body is found under a patio at a large secluded house in North London. What is concrete evidence is a fingerprint found inside the house – a match with an unknown fingerprint found at Rose Cottage all those years ago. So, is the killer back after all these years?

Ebony Willis must fit together the pieces of what happened thirteen years ago and why the bloodshed has started all over again. Or has blood been spilt for years and nobody realised?

"What Weeks delivers is a stand-out, first rate thriller that has many threads...with short, sharp chapters Weeks continues the pace at a gallop until near the end where some chapters are no longer than a page and you can feels he has pushed her foot flat on the accelerator and careering, her reader alongside, to a cataclysmic and ver messy pile up. And you would be hard pushed to be disappointed. By the end of this book I was literally gasping for breath! Totally gripping." www.crimesquad.com

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