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Reacher Returns!

October 2021

Reeacher returns in the thrilling new installment Better Off Dead!

When Reacher comes across folk who would rather die than reveal their secrets, he knows there's wrong.

But if Reacher is coming after you, you might be better off dead.

Out now in the US and UK!

The Sentinel Wows in Paperback!

March 2021

Jack Reacher gets off the bus in a sleepy no-name town outside Nashville, Tennessee. He plans to grab a cup of coffee and move right along.

Not going to happen.

The town has been shut down by a cyber attack. At the centre of it all, whether
he likes it or not, is Rusty Rutherford. He's an average IT guy, but he knows more than he thinks.

As the bad guys move in on Rusty, Reacher moves in on them . . .

And now Rusty knows he's protected, he's never going to leave the big man's side.

The No.1 New York and Sunday Times Bestseller The Sentinel is now out in paperback! Be sure to grab your copy now! 

Child's Control the Chart

March 2021

Lee and Andrew Child's The Sentinel has claimed the UK Official Top 50 number one spot in its first week on sale!

The Sentinel shows that two Childs are even better than one. ― James Patterson

Jack Reacher is a wonderfully epic hero; tough, taciturn, yet vulnerable... Irresistible. People

Jack Reacher has long since earned his prominent place in the pantheon of cool, smart-talking American heroes. New York Times

Pick up your copy now! 

Jack Reacher is back for No.25!

October 2020

NYT and Sunday Times No. 1 Bestseller Jack Reacher returns in The Sentinel. The most anticipated novel of the year from Lee and Andrew Child. 

'The coolest continuing series character' is back.  

'The Sentinel shows that two Childs are even better than one.' James Patterson

Out now in the UK and US! 

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