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The Saga Continues

March 2016

Two of our beloved authors, Margaret Dickinson and Gloria Cook, are topping the UK charts with their fantastic sagas.

Margaret Dickinson has beaten her own personal best in just a week with The Buffer Girls, climbing to No.7 in the UK Bestsellers chart, now her highest charting position in her career.

Gloria Cook’s latest captivating novel, The Carpenter’s Daughter, has climbed to No.3 in The Bookseller’s Top 20 Heatseekers chart, a brilliant achievement.

Congratulations Gloria and Margaret!


January 2011

Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the much loved Gloria Cook on the publication of her 25th Novel, Reflections.

Gloria has been at the Darley Anderson Agency for 17 years. Since joining the Agency in 1994 Gloria has been very prolific, writing well known and loved Cornish novels, including the Pengarron and Harvey sagas.

Reflections, published in December 2010, tells the story of Beth Tresaile who has been happily reconciled with her estranged mother for over a year and is looking forward to her best friend Kitty Copeland spending Christmas with them.

But Kitty's request that her brother Stuart join them throws Beth in turmoil - for Stuart and Beth were once lovers, and she lives in fear of her friend discovering her secret shame.

Stuart's arrival sets in motion events that even Beth could not have expected . . .

The Carpenter's Daughter published today!

February 2016

The first in a new beautifully drawn saga from Gloria Cook, The Carpenter's Daughter, is published today by Severn House.

In the small mining village of Meryen, a dark secret lurks…

Amy Lewarne finds her life changed forever when she finds her brother, Toby, dead. And troubles follow when Titus Kivell, the head of a powerful yet belligerent family, puts his son Sol in Toby's place.

Despite his wild and formidable nature, Amy is inexplicably drawn to Sol, as he is to her. But will his family ties be the ruin of her?

Congratulations Gloria!

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