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Finished Business by David Wishart is Out NOW!

July 2014

November, AD40. When a wealthy consul’s wife asks Corvinus to investigate the death of her uncle, killed by a block of falling masonry at his estate on Vatican Hill, a sceptical Corvinus is inclined to agree with the general verdict of accidental death. But his investigations reveal clear evidence of foul play, as well as unearthing several skeletons among the closets of this well-to-do but highly dysfunctional family.

Who could have wanted Lucius Surdinus dead? His vengeful ex-wife? His ambitious mistress? His disillusioned elder, or his estranged younger, son? Or does the key to the mystery lie in the dead man’s political past?

But when Corvinus’s probing draws him to the attention of the emperor, a dangerously unpredictable Caligula, his prospects of surviving long enough to solve the mystery look slim to say the least....

Initial reviews on Amazon call it; 'impossible to put down' and 'the best to date.... from opening the book this morning, I've ignored everything else today...and have come straight in to write this review, still buzzing from the tension and excitement of the tale.'


Marcus Corvinus returns

July 2013

Solid Citizens, David Wishart's 13th Marcus Corvinus mystery, is out today. Congratulations, David!

The Marcus Corvinus series is an absolute must for historical crime fans; set in the vibrant Roman Empire, Solid Citizens is full of secrets, bitter feuds, malicious gossip and deadly rivalry.

For more information, please visit David's author page here.

In celebration of its publication, David is hosting a launch at Waterstone’s Dundee this evening and looks forward to seeing you all there.

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