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Reaching the Big Screen

December 2012

WHAT A NIGHT. Jack Reacher finally hit the big screen.

December the 10th was a landmark moment for the DA Agency who all attended the star-studded film premiere of the Tom Cruise film Jack Reacher based on the book ONE SHOT by Lee Child.

Reacher-mania is about to go stratospheric....

Above: The DA Agency. Andrea, Lillian, Darley, Vicki, Steve, Mary, Clare, Jill and Camilla and BELOW: Don Granger, Robert Duvall, Christopher McQuarrie, Rosamund Pike, Tom Cruise, David Oyelowo and Lee Child at the ODEON in Leicester Square, London.

'Tom Cruise is in fine form as mysterious tough guy Jack Reacher'  The Hollywood Reporter

'He makes the title role fit him like a latex glove in a winning turn that could spawn a popular new franchise for the star'  The Hollywood Reporter

Fans fearing for how Tom Cruise can pull off mega-hero Jack Reacher need not worry as Tom Cruise delivers in every way. As Lee Child says, 'he really nails it'.

'The spirit of Reacher lies not in his height but in his character...thankfully for all of us, Tom Cruise's take on Lee Child's Jack Reacher via Chris McQuarrie seems to settle the argument once and for all.'

'A resolutely hard-edged thriller, a down and dirty Bond that supercedes the expectations of a 12A rating.'

'The cast delivers the twists with confidence and are uniformly top drawer'

'Where action-cinema has been bogged down recently in fast cuts and incoherant fight sequences, here is a movie that has Dirty Harry in its sights and '70s cinema pumping through its veins...McQuarrie marshals his pack with a cocky panache that would be admirable from a seasoned pro, let alone a screenwriter going sophomore' Empire Online

'It can be exhilarating to watch when an actor finds a director they click with. The moment Tom Cruise strides into Jack Reacher, smoldering like an active volcano, that 'click'can be heard loud and clear.' totalfilm.com

Happy Publication day Lee!

December 2012

Sunday Times bestselling author Lee Weeks' latest spine-tingling book Dead of Winter, is out today!!!

The first in Lee's new series introducing London detective Ebony Willis.

A family slaughtered, but no arrest made.
20 years later it's happened again...

Thirteen years ago two women and a young child were found murdered in the idyllic setting of Rose Cottage. A scene of beauty now turned to a landscape of butchery. The only survivor was one of the women’s newborn son. The husband of one of the victims was a policeman himself, Callum Carmichael. All these years later after the force promised him results and delivered nothing and without any convictions, the pariah of suspicion still hangs over him.

Thirteen years later, just a few weeks before the Christmas holidays, a woman’s body is found under a patio at a large secluded house in North London. What is concrete evidence is a fingerprint found inside the house – a match with an unknown fingerprint found at Rose Cottage all those years ago. So, is the killer back after all these years?

Ebony Willis must fit together the pieces of what happened thirteen years ago and why the bloodshed has started all over again. Or has blood been spilt for years and nobody realised?

"What Weeks delivers is a stand-out, first rate thriller that has many threads...with short, sharp chapters Weeks continues the pace at a gallop until near the end where some chapters are no longer than a page and you can feels he has pushed her foot flat on the accelerator and careering, her reader alongside, to a cataclysmic and ver messy pile up. And you would be hard pushed to be disappointed. By the end of this book I was literally gasping for breath! Totally gripping." www.crimesquad.com

Agency authors nominated for national books awards

November 2012

Huge congratulations to Lee Child and David Hewson whose novels have been shortlisted for prizes at the National Book Awards 2012.

A Wanted Man is on the shortlist for the Crime and Thriller of the Year, and The Killing novel has been shortlisted for the audiobook of the year. 

Agency Authors Nominated For National Book Awards

November 2012

Lee Child
Huge congratulations to Lee Child and David Hewson whose novels have been shortlisted for prizes at the National Book Awards 2012.
Helen Grant

A Wanted Man is on the shortlist for the Crime and Thriller of the Year, and The Killing novel has been shortlisted for the audiobook of the year.


Benvenuti In Italia, Tim!

October 2012

A Wanted Man
On the eve of Frankfurt Book Fair the DA rights team were thrilled to close a deal for Tim Weavers psychological suspense David Raker series in Italy.

Fanucci have acquired CHASING THE DEAD, THE DEAD TRACKS and VANISHED. Congratulations to Tim!

A Special Selection: The Vanishing Of Katharina Linden By Helen Grant

October 2012

Helen Grant
We are very proud that The Vanishing of Katharina Linden by Helen Grant has been selected by the Brazilian Government to be included in a special program – Programa Nacional Biblioteca da Escola (PNBE).

Every year, the Brazilian Government, through the Education Ministry, acquires 200 titles to be distributed without charge to the Brazilian Public Net Educational System.

Helen Grant I'm thrilled that my novel The Vanishing of Katharina Linden has been selected for the Brazilian PNBE. I was very pleased with the wonderful reception the book had from Brazilian readers, some of whom have written to me to say how much they loved it. I am delighted that the book has been recognised in this way.'

Lee Child Is 'a Wanted Man' In The Netherlands

October 2012

A Wanted Man
Lee Childs success with the 17th Jack Reacher title,
continues in the Netherlands.

Here it is at the No.1 spot in the esteemed Dutch bookshop AKO!

More Number 1 Spots For A Wanted Man!

September 2012

Number 1 in England, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland!
Number 1 in fiction eBooks!

A Wanted ManA Wanted Man remains emphatically number 1 on the hardback fiction bestsellers list this week for a second time, selling twice as many copies as its nearest rival and also reaching the top of the whole hardback list (inc. non-fiction) by several thousand copies.

Lee Child has catapulted into the top of the list internationally as well. A Wanted Man is now No. 1 in New Zealand, No. 1 in Ireland and No. 1 in Australia. Chris Mooney

Lee is also No. 2 on the total bestselling eBooks list and No. 1 on the fiction eBook list!!

Connie Ogle at The Miami Herald says of A Wanted Man: "Most appealing of all is Reacher, of course, the tough guy who has become a national favorite, never one to wave the flag but determined to do the right thing and always on hand to give justice a push so that it can prevail....With Child, you can always count on furious action and a damned good time"

Number 1 Again For Martina Cole

September 2012

A Wanted ManMartina Cole's The Life is still number 1 on the hardback fiction bestseller list!!!

After selling 21,000 copies in her first three days alone, she has now sold another 16,000 copies this week!

The Life
also debuted at no. 1 in the Original Fiction bestseller list, her 10th Original Fiction no. 1.

Since Martina's bestseller Maura's Game reached the top of the Original Fiction list in 2003, Martina has spent exactly a year at the top of the Original Fiction chart!!!

Tom Cruise Tweets For A Wanted Man

September 2012

Top actor and top Reacher fan Tom Cruise goes to Twitter to show his excitement at the release of A Wanted Man.

Tana French

Tom Cruise is all set to play Jack Reacher himself in the blockbuster version of Lee Child's book One Shot, in the film, Jack Reacher, out this December.

Chris Mooney Tom Cruise Reached out to his 3.3 million+ Twitter followers and 2.1 million+ Facebook fans about the September 11th release date of the US edition of A Wanted Man.

Says Tom Cruise on the film: "There are some ass beatings in this. They'll see that it delivers what I love about the Reacher series: the visceral action, those ass beatings and the humor of Lee Child's novels. And the women are fantastic" PLAYBOY (June 2012) PLAYBOY INTERVIEW: TOM CRUISE by Michael Fleming

Congratulations Tim!!

July 2012

Vanished is No. 29 on the paperback bestsellers list! Congratulations Tim!!!

In the current market which sees many authors sales in decline, Tim is successfully climbing up the list, with a move of two places from his last book Chasing The Dead.

Tim WeaverThe glorious return of one of Britain's most talented psychological suspense writers. Vanished is out now.

Visit www.darleyandersonblog.com for our interview with Tim Weaver
discussing Vanished, the third terrifying thriller in the David Raker series.........

Darley's Authors Hit The Heights In The U.s.

July 2012

It is a proud moment for the Darley Anderson Agency as our authors smash into the US charts.

Tana French

Tana French's Broken Harbour has debuted at No. 6 on the New York Times bestseller list!!!

She is also No. 2 on the National bestseller list for all independent bookstores in the US.

Congratulations Tana!!!

Meanwhile, Lee Childs eBook only edition of Deep Down (his 10,000 word Jack Reacher story) is No. 8 on the eBook bestseller list.

But, its also No. 9 on the combined eBook and print bestseller list without there being a print edition and therefore outselling titles available in multiple formats!
Fallen Angels

Reacher is called to Washington, D.C. to investigate who is leaking key arms data.

The suspects are four women on a fast track up the military chain of command. Real Type-A personalies: smart, busy, focusednot the type to waste time on a hulk, no matter how hunky.

How's Reacher going to charm secrets out of anyone and catch the culprit when there's no time to waste?

Party For The Promise

July 2012

Darley Anderson and the Darley's Angels team headed to Bath for a spectacular The Promise themed party hosted by our bestselling author Lesley Pearse.

Lesley PearseGreen Park's Old Station in Bath, a place where the wounded were taken in WW1, played host to Lesley's fabulous WW1 themed party in celebration of her latest bestselling book The Promise (out now in paperback) the follow up to her No. 1 book Belle.

With champagne cocktails all night long, a feast of wonderful food starring poached salmons and whole gammons for the lucky guests to tuck into, and marvellous live music, everyone was happy to dance all night long.

Lesley and her daughters shone in vintage Edwardian costumes. Stand out costumes also include Stephen Fry's Colonel Melchett and the two Edwardian bathers.

Jason Dean's The Wrong Man Is Out Now!!!

May 2012

Jason DeanTHE WRONG MAN. Framed for murder. Out for revenge.

Fantastic debut, The Wrong Man, by our latest thriller talent Jason Dean is out this May!

Nine hundred and seventy three days. Thinking. Planning. Waiting for the perfect moment.

Former Marine James Bishop will only have one opportunity to make his prison break. And one chance to prove that he isn't responsible for the murders that put him inside.

Three years ago Bishop was the leader of an elite close protection team hired to protect a millionaire and his daughter. After being attacked, Bishop regained consciousness to find seven bodies strewn throughout the millionaire's Long Island mansion - including those of his two charges - and a mountain of evidence guaranteed to send him down for murder. But to find out who set him up and why, Bishop needs to be free.

And now the time has come to make his move. Prepare yourself for the most exciting debut thriller of the year...

"The Wrong Man is a roller coaster of a ride with a super-hero at the helm. Doesnt miss a beat! Climb aboard, immerse yourself in the chase...." www.thrillers4you.com

Queen Of Crime's The Faithless Out In Paperback Now

May 2012

Britain's most successful female crime novelist, our marvellous Martina Cole, has her No 1 book The Faithless released in paperback.

Cathy CassidyOur pheonomenal No 1 bestselling author Martina Cole has just released her latest powerfully addictive, haunting and unforgettable story, The Faithless, in paperback.

To the outside world, Cynthia Tailor is a woman to envy: she has a devoted husband, a lovely home and two gorgeous children. But Cynthia has always craved the best things in life, and is determined to see that she gets them. Cynthia will let nothing stand in her way, even if it means devastation and tragedy for those nearest to her

The Greatest

May 2012

James Leighton"Easily the best football biography I have ever read."

So says top sports writer Mike Parry about James Leighton's The Greatest (Simon and Schuster).

The Greatest tells the story of Manchester United's boy wonder Duncan Edwards who was destined to be as great a footballer as Pele, but who tragically died in the Munich air disaster.

Says Mike Parry: "I'm not a big one for crying-particularly when it comes to football matters but I'd forgive anybody for reaching for a handkerchief after reading the life-story of Duncan Edwards."

The Greatest is released this Thursday 24th of May.

Faithful Place Is A Bestseller

May 2012

Faithful Place moves to No.6 in bestseller list!

Tana French
Last week the German mass market edition of Faithful Place, Tana Frenchs third compelling psychological mystery, entered the Spiegel Bestseller Mass Market list at No.10.

This week, Faithful Place has moved up four places and is at No.6! Congratulations Tana!

Fame In France For Cathy Cassidy

April 2012

Darley AndersonCathy Cassidy's delightfully charming series The Chocolate Box Girls has done dazzlingly well in France.

Cherry Crush, the first book in the series, has sold over 20,000 copies since its publication date last June. Marshmallow Skye, published last month, sold over 1,000 copies in less than a week and entered the Hebdo Livres Chart (for all Children and Young Adult fiction) at No.14.

The Chocolate Box Girls is a sumptuous series starring sassy sisters, super-cool boys and one of Cathy's biggest loves - chocolate.

'Touching, tender and unforgettable' Guardian

Lee Child Is 'shining Star' Of Crime Festival

March 2012

Darley AndersonTo coincide with the release of the Norwegian edition of Gone Tomorrow Lee Child attended the first ever Norwegian Crime and Literature festival - KRIM.
Lee Child
Thousands showed up for the three day event of murders, mysteries, crimes and thrillers. Lee Child took pride of place at the Festival Opening, thrilled fans by giving Reacher readings, he also signed copies and gave interviews for several national newspapers.

As Lee's Norwegian publishers (Tomas and Ann-Louis of Cappelen Damm) said:
'What a down to earth world famous author!'

Top Kindle Author

March 2012

Lee ChildJack is reaching dazzling new heights of popularity as Lee Child is pronounced
No 1 British Kindle book author worldwide.

After the record-breaking sales of The Affair catapulting Lee into the Kindle Million club, he has now beaten the likes of Agatha Christie, Terry Pratchett, Jane Austen, David Nicholls and Sophie Kinsella on Amazon's chart of British born bestsellers to remain, once again, emphatically No 1!

Annie Murray Is Paperback Chart Bestseller

March 2012

Annie MurrayAnnie Murray's bestselling My Daughter, My Mother has hit the No 25 spot on the paperback bestseller chart!

Annie Murray's books have been lining the shelves
at WH Smiths stores around the country. Eager fans were particularly keen to get their hands on a signed copy of our saga superstar's latest offering.

Annie Murray
My Daughter, My Mother tells the story of a friendship between two young mothers whose lives are both fraught with secrets and difficulties. The relationships between daughters and mothers are put to the ultimate test, this is the story of two young women discovering the heartbreak of their mothers’ lives, and of how mothers create daughters – and learn from them.

The perfect gift for Mother's Day this year!

Margaret Dickinson Is In Demand!

February 2012

BooksigningJenny's War by Margaret Dickinson has been fighting its way to the top of the Bestseller List.

Our bestselling regional saga author, the fantastic Margaret Dickinson, has reached No. 23 on the paperback bestseller list, after just 3 days of sales.

Margarets 27th novel, Jennys War, has seen her embark on a wonderfully busy book tour (Jan through until April) of book signings and radio interviews, to the massive delight of her legions of dedicated fans.

Celebrating Sue

December 2012

Darley Anderson and Martina Cole celebrate with the legendary Sue Fletcher of Hodder Headline at her retirement party. 

The Night Stalker is one of Germany's best reads of 2012

November 2012

The Night Stalker by Chris Carter takes sixth place in the Lovely Books Reader’s Choice Best Crime Book awards in Germany.

Over 35,000 votes were cast in 10 categories.

Chris Carter said, ‘I am very flattered to have finished in sixth position over all, especially because the book was nominated by readers and not a committee. I am also very humbled to be amongst such esteemed company, such as Stephen King, Tess Gerritsen and Anthony Horowitz.’

You can have a look at the results here -


Hats Off For Hewson!

November 2012

Blood LossWe are over the moon to welcome the wonderful David Hewson to the agency.

David is the author of 22 books in 25 languages and today celebrates the publication of his most recent project, The Killing, published by Macmillan


Based on the hugely successful TV series, this is a must for both fans of the programme and crime fiction fanatics.

On the outskirts of Copenhagen, a young girl is found murdered. Detective Sarah Lund cancels her move to Sweden to take charge of the case, alongside Jan Meyer, the man who was supposed to replace her. David is currently writing a thrilling new series set in Amsterdam staring ex-police detective Pieter Vos and we are delighted to be representing him.


Happy Publication Day Alex!

October 2012

Blood LossThe latest chilling installment in our bestselling author Alex Barclay's series featuring the unstoppable Ren Bryce is released today!

FBI agent Ren Bryce takes on her most heart-wrenching case yet when a fathers work places his young daughter in terrible danger

Every year Mark and Erica Whaley take a trip to Colorado to celebrate their wedding anniversary. This year they have more cause than ever to celebrate theyve finally been granted overnight access with Laurie, Marks 11-year-old daughter from his previous marriage. But their relaxing family break is shattered when they return from dinner in the hotel to find both Laurie and her 16-year-old babysitter, Shelby, missing

"Alex Barclay has to be the best-looking thriller writer in Ireland . . . and possibly anywhere else for that matter. She also happens to be one of the best. She will be able to star in her own movies when they start turning her bestselling books into films." Review from the Irish Independent, www.independent.ie

Germany Gets Smart

October 2012

SMART, a YA dut by author Kim Slater, has been acquired in Germany by Dtv!

Congratulations to Kim on the sale of her first translation rights.

WhA Wanted Manen fourteen-year-old Kieran Woods finds the body of a homeless man in the river near his home, he refuses to believe the death was accidental.

But Kieran has a special way of thinking that leads a lot of people to underestimate him. People like his bullying stepfather and stepbrother Ryan. Now Kieran has the chance to put his special skills to use, not only to catch a killer but also find his missing Grandma.

With the help of his exceptional artistic ability, his love for artist L. S. Lowry and his one and only school friend, Karwana, Kieran sets out to solve a murder and finds he may be better at it than anyone would have expected.

But will anyone believe him? And can Kieran catch the killer before the killer catches him?

Macmillan Childrens Books will publish in the UK in Spring 2014.

Find out more at www.kimslater.com

Dangerous Lady Takes To The Stage

October 2012

Dangerous Lady
Stratford East theatre has adapted Martina Cole's first novel Dangerous Lady for the stage.

Fans have gone out in droves to watch the latest adaptation of Martina Cole's first bestselling ground-breaking novel which marked the start of her career as an author twenty years ago.

"Patrick Priors faithful adaptation offers as much of a rollicking good time as the page-turner"
Lauren Paxman, The Stage

"its another juicy chunk of soap-opera theatre, all big events and even bigger emotions" The Evening Standard

Dangerous Lady is showing until November 17th


Da Authors Storm The Charts Both Sides Of The Atlantic

September 2012

Darley Anderson authors take the top 2 spots in the hardback fiction bestseller list in the UK and another number 1 in hardback fiction USA!!!!

A Wanted Man
Crime queen Martina Cole has gone straight to the top number 1 slot of the hardback fiction bestseller list, with over 20,000 copies of her book The Life sold in her first part week!

For over 20 years Britain's top female crime writer has enjoyed bestselling book after bestselling book with the Darley Anderson Agency.
Last year Martina Cole became the first British female adult-audience novelist to surpass the 50 million sales mark since Neilson Bookscan records began. The phenomenon that is Martina Cole continues...

The Darley Anderson Agency is thrilled to be taking over the top two spots on the UK hardback fiction bestseller list.

Lee Child's 17th Reacher book A Wanted Man is now number 2 on the list after spending 3 weeks at the top spot.
The cult of Jack Reacher is poised for world domination with the release of the blockbuster film starring Tom Cruise, out this December.

A Wanted Man60 million copies in print, in 96 countries, in 60 languages and still growing....Chris Mooney
Number 1 in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and the UK last week.

A Wanted Man has now gone straight to number 1 on the hardback fiction bestseller list in the US as well!!!

All in all a fantastic day for Darley Anderson's authors who are now topping the charts on both sides of the Atlantic!

The Life By Martina Cole Is Out Now!

September 2012

A Wanted ManNo. 1 bestseller Martina Cole's latest exceptional novel The Life, is out now in hardback.

The most authentic novel of gangster family life ever written by top author Martina Cole has already had rave reviews.
Closer magazine gave it 5 stars and said: 'We always get excited when a Martina Cole novel drops on our desks, and she continues to maintain her reputation as one of the best fiction authors around with this gritty and unforgettable story of a family immersed in a world of violence and revenge. Spectacular.'

Martina's fans have been out in force, queuing in cities all around the country for signed copies of the undisputed Queen of Crime's latest book The Life. Even the X Factor's Tulisa raved about her idol Martina Cole on ITV's Daybreak and Martina delighted her fans further by doing interviews with BBC Breakfast News and with Jenni Murray for Woman's Hour.

Martina Cole

A giant 3 metre high version of The Life took over Liverpool Street station last week. Passers by were amazed to see the huge book in the middle of the station which could be brought to life with augmented reality using a specially created app!

Promotions staff were on hand with iPads to encourage the public to interact with the model, with the incentive of winning their name in the next Martina Cole novel!

With week 2 of her tour about to commence in Newcastle and then move to Scotland and more coverage still to come in the Mail on Sunday Travel, Sunday Express, Waitrose Weekend, Good Housekeeping and My Weekly, plus her greatly anticipated launch party, it's all go for the UK's no. 1 hardback fiction selling author!

Books To Die For Out Now!

September 2012

A Wanted ManOur bestselling author John Connolly's fantastic book Books To Die For is out now!

In the most ambitious anthology of its kind yet attempted, the world's leading mystery writers have come together to champion the greatest mystery novels ever written.

In a series of personal essays that often reveal as much about themselves and their own work as they do about the books that they love, more than 120 authors from 20 countries have created a guide that will be indispensable for generations of readers and writers.

From Christie to Child, and Poe to PD James, from Sherlock Holmes to Hannibal Lecter and Philip Marlowe to Peter Wimsey, Books To Die For brings together the cream of the mystery world for a feast of reading pleasure, a treasure trove for those new to the genre and those who believe that there is nothing new left to discover.

This is the one essential book for every reader who has ever finished a mystery novel and thought... I want more!!!

'No one reading this anthology can fail to be persuaded to try a writer of a book hitherto unknown to them...this anthology is tops' The Sunday Times

Quadruple Bestseller Chart Success!

August 2012

A thrilling result as Darley Andersons authors Lee Child, John Connolly and Chris Mooney dominate the bestseller charts..

A Wanted Man
Lee Childs A Wanted Man has gone straight to the top of the UK Hardback Bestseller list, whilst The Affair is the No. 1 thriller title of the UK Paperback Chart and No. 5 overall. Lee Child is embracing world domination as he prepares for the blockbuster film release of Reacher starring Tom Cruise in December.

Having secured his 96th territory and 41st language, Reacher mania reaches all four corners of the world with Kazakhstan as the latest fan.

John ConnollyThe eleventh Charlie Parker novel, Wrath of Angels, has stormed in at No. 5 on the UK Hardback Bestseller chart and No. 3 in Irish Hardback Bestseller list.

The Independent on Sunday, hails Charlie Parker as The finest crime series currently in existence. Also published this week is Books to Die For, edited by John Connolly and Declan Burke, where the world's greatest mystery writers comment on the world's greatest crime novels. It is a must for all crime addicts.

Chris Mooney

The Killing House by Chris Mooney is a continuing top 50 success on the UK Paperback Bestseller chart at No. 37.

This is the amazing first novel in a thrilling new series featuring fallen angel and former profiler Malcolm Fletcher. As our very own Lee Child says, Scary voice, scary talent. Mooney is one of the best thriller writers working today."

Rave Reviews For Broken Harbour

July 2012

Broken Harbour is still receiving fantastic reviews on both sides of the Atlantic.

Here's a glimpse of some of the great review coverage and praise from the past week....

Tana French

"Ms. French created haunting, damaged characters who have been hit hard by some cataclysm...Like Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl this summer's other dagger-sharp display of mind games, Broken Harbour is something more. It's true that Ms. French takes readers on the all familiar way stations of a murder investigation: the economic underpinnings of the Spain family murders. And she has irresistibly sly ways of toying with readers' expectations." Janet Maslin's NY Times daily review

"Broken Harbour
her fourth, proves anew that she is one of the most talented crime writers alive." The Washington Post

She's drawn not just to the who but also to the why-those bigger mysteries about the human weaknesses that drive somebody to such inhuman brutality. What really gives Broken Harbour its nerve-rattling force is her exploration of events leading up to the murders, rendered just as vividly as the detectives' scramble to solve them." Entertainment Weekly

"Broken Harbour
is truly a book for, and of, our broken times. It's literature masquerading as a police procedural." Cleveland Plain-Dealer

These four novels have insated Ms. French as one of crime fiction's reigning grand dames-a Celtic tigress." Washington Times

Critics Love Vanished

July 2012

Superb reviews for our Sunday Times bestselling author and new thriller talent Tim Weaver.

Tim WeaverHeralded as one of Britain's most talented new psychological suspense writers and set to become a household name in the world of suspense fiction, Tim Weaver has unsurprisingly received fantastic feedback for his latest book Vanished.

For millions of Londoners, the morning of 17 December is just like any other. But not for Sam Wren. An hour after leaving home, he gets onto a tube train - and never gets off again. No eyewitnesses. No trace of him on security cameras. Six months later, he's still missing.Out of options and desperate for answers, Sam's wife Julia hires David Raker to track him down...

"Weaver has delivered another cracking crime thriller" Daily Mail

"Weaver's books get better each time tense, complex, sometimes horrific, written with flair as well as care" Guardian

"I couldn't put it down!" The Sun

'Leaving the reader in little doubt that Weaver is a major new talent on the thriller scene' Bath Life

'A taut thriller' Barry Forshaw

'Perfect plotting, great characterisation, and the kind of payoff that a thriller of this calibre deserves' Bookgeeks

Joy In Germany For Tana French

June 2012

BROKEN HARBOUR has now reached the Spiegel hardback bestseller list Top Ten and this week is at No.9.
is at No.11 on the Spiegel mass market bestseller list this week Tanas 8th week on the list!

Tana French
In Broken Harbour, a ghost estate outside Dublin - half-built, half-inhabited, half-abandoned - two children and their father are dead.
"Tana French delivers a thought provoking tale...at the same time is a page turner in the best tradition that kept me
awake deep into the night."

TimeOut, Bahrain

"Gradually, an emotionally jolting story of love, obsession and madness is played out to incredible effect. French has garnered a huge legion of fans since her first novel, In The Woods, was larded with awards in 2007, and they will be thrilled with this, her fourth and possibly best novel."
The Dailymail

Rising Star Chris Carter

May 2012

Darley AndersonWith a flat market seeing many authors' sales in decline, Chris Carter is powering ahead!

The weekly sale total for The Night Stalker is a whopping 51% more than those of The Executioner (released last year) in the same week. And sales are 14% up in total.

With wonderfully inventive, high-concept storylines; interesting, brutal and ingenious killers and the unforgettable hero Robert Hunter, Chris has firmly established himself as a regular on foreign and UK bestseller lists!

Find out more at www.chriscarterbooks.com

Cathy Cassidy Wows Fans At Warsaw Book Fair

May 2012

Cathy Cassidy
Top children's book author Cathy Cassidy has recently returned from Poland where she delighted her young fans at the Warsaw Book Fair.

A huge auditorium was packed full of excited children. Cathy also visited several libraries to chat with some younger children about her wonderful Daizy Star series and sign copies of Angel Cake for her slightly older fans.

The third title in the CHOCOLATE BOX GIRLS series, SUMMER'S DREAM, is out in the UK on 7th June.

The Thirteen Treasures
"I absolutely loved my visit to Warsaw recently-the lovely Akapit Press set up lots of library events, so I met lots of Polish readers and signed lots of books!

It was fab to see how libraries were valued in Poland, and to connect with readers even though we don't share the same language! A fantastic experience, eye-opening and inspiring."

Top Ten For Tara!

May 2012

Tana FrenchTara Hyland's second compelling title, Fallen Angels, was published in Bulgaria this week.

Fallen AngelsWe are thrilled to announce that Fallen Angels has entered the most prestigious Bulgarian bestseller list, the HELIKON bookshops list, at No. 7!

Congratulations to Tara! You can find out more about Tara Hyland and her novels here: http://www.tarahyland.com

Publication Day For Unrest

April 2012

Darley AndersonThe release day has come for the latest spine-tingling YA thriller by award-winning author Michelle Harrison.

When the dead don't sleep the living are afraid to...

tells the story of 17-year-old Elliott who suffers from sleep paralysis and out-of-body experiences in which he connects with
the dead.

The publication has been hotly anticpated by fans of Michelle's books.
The Thirteen Treasures was awarded with the 2009 Waterstones Children's Book Prize and The Thirteen Secrets was shortlisted for the Independent Booksellers Award 2011.

To read an interview with Michelle Harrison and to find out more about her latest chilling page-turner see....


Hunter Is A Huge Hit In Denmark

April 2012

Chris Carter Fantastic news once again for The Night Stalker which has reached No.10 in Denmark's bestseller list.

Last month Chris Carter visited Denmark to attend the Horsens Crime Festival. During his trip he gave interviews to the national tabloids and signed copies for fans in three different cities.

The Night Stalker was given a 5 starred review and competed against the huge amount of Scandinavian Crime fiction writers to secure the No.10 position. Congratulations Chris!

Daa Blog Goes Live!

March 2012

Darley AndersonCalling all writers!

Subscribe to the Darley Anderson blog for up-to-the-minute updates, writing advice, submission guidance, insider tips and exclusive giveaways. Post your comments and queries, ask our agents probing questions, and get to know the Darley Anderson team.


The Promise Is Pronouned No. 1

March 2012

Lesley PearseThe Promise has shot to No. 1 on the hardback bestseller list in South Africa.

Our marvellous author, the internationally bestselling Lesley Pearse has gone down a storm on her book tour, clinching the top spot once again.

Lesley Pearse, whose 20 bestselling books have sold over 7,000,000 copies to date, delighted her many, many fans as she embarked on a week long book tour in Johannesburg.

Lesley gave interviews for Sunrise TV, magazines/newspapers such as The Times and Woman and Home and four radio interviews. The lauch was held at Exclusive Books where Lesley gave a talk to a room packed full of excitable Belle buffs.

The Promise
is the stunning sequel to the No. 1 Belle and has achieved great success on the UK bestseller list for 9 weeks so far.

Feisty Belle bowls the fans over
once again!

New Bestseller At The Agency

March 2012

Chris CarterChris Carter's The Night Stalker has smashed into the paperback charts at No. 11 in it's first full week of sales!

Named Book of the Month by CBS Action TV channel, The Night Stalker tells the spine-chilling tale of Detective Robert Hunter's hunt for a murderer who is more monstrous than he ever could have expected; a night stalker with a warped obsession.

As the body count rises and the mystery intensifies, the clock is ticking for Hunter and his team in this fantastic suspense-filled bestseller.


February 2012

The LoversJohn Connolly's The Lovers hit two paperback bestseller lists simultaneously in its first week on the shelves.

At No5 on The Sunday Times Bestseller list and No4 on the Irish Paperback Bestseller list - with great sales up by 23% like for like last year.

Charlie Parker was still a boy, his father, a NYPD cop, killed a young couple, a boy and a girl barely older than his son, then took his own life. There was no explanation for his actions.

Stripped of his private investigator's license, and watched by the police, Parker is working in a Portland bar, holding down a job and staying out of trouble. But in the background, he is working on his most personal case yet, an investigation into his own origins and the circumstances surrounding the death of his father, Will.

It is an investigation that will reveal a life haunted by lies, by his mother's loss and his father's betrayal, by secrets kept and loyalties compromised.

And by two figures in the shadows, a man and a woman, with only one purpose: to bring an end to Charlie Parker's existence...

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