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Imran Mahmood's YOU DON'T KNOW ME for BBC One

May 2022

Samuel Adewunmi (The Missing, Angela Black) stars in the hit BBC One drama, which has been met with acclaim from both audiences and critics alike.

"A clever courtroom drama with a canny star performance at its centre." - Ed Cumming, The Independent

Based on Imran Mahmood's electrifying novel of the same name, all four captivating episodes of You Don't Know Me are now streaming on BBC iPlayer. 

Reacher returns for Season Two!

May 2022

Calling all Reacher Fans!

You heard it right, season 2 of #ReacherOnPrime will be based on Bad Luck and Trouble (Jack Reacher, #11), written by the legendary Lee Child.

Filming will commence this fall.

Watch season 1 now only on Amazon Prime, all episodes now streaming!

Beth O'Leary storms the top 10 again!

April 2022

Bestseller or Bethseller?

Beth O'Leary's new hardback release The No-Show went straight into the Sunday Times Top 10 Bestseller list this weekend. Congratulations Beth on hitting this milestone with every one of your releases, what an incredible achievement!

Publication Day for The Book Share

March 2022

The Book Share by Phaedra Patrick is out today! From the bestselling author of Secrets of Sunshine and The Library of Lost and Found, this is an uterly charming and heart-warming story is a moving reminder that it’s never too late to re-write your own story.

Liv Green loves losing herself in a good book. But her everyday reality is less romantic, cleaning houses for people who barely give her the time of day. So when she lands a job housekeeping for her personal hero and mega-bestselling author Essie Starling, she can't believe her luck.

When Essie dies unexpectedly, Liv is left with a life-changing last wish: to complete Essie’s final novel. To do so, change-averse Liv will have to step away from the fictitious worlds in her head, and into Essie’s shoes. As she begins to write, she uncovers a surprising connection between the two women – and a secret that will change Liv’s life forever…

Available now in paperback!

Rights Professional of the Year Shortlist Announced

March 2022

We are thrilled to announce that our Head of International Rights, Mary Dary, has been shortlisted for this year's Nibbies!

Mary has worked in the Darley Anderson Rights Team for over ten years, cultivating brilliant relationships with our overseas partners and authors. She has worked tirelessly on No.1 Bestsellers across the world including Chris Carter, Lee Child, Catherine Steadman and Cathy Cassidy. 

We are incredibly lucky to have her talents at the Agency and wish her the best of luck! 

T M Logan's THE CURFEW is an instant top 10 bestseller!

March 2022

T M Logan's new up-all-night thriller THE CURFEW published last week and is an instant top 10 hardback bestseller! 

T M Logan's new up-all-night thriller publishes today!

March 2022

THE CURFEW by T M Logan is out today!

Your son said he was home. WHY DID HE LIE?

I should have known something was wrong. I should have sensed it. Felt it in the air, like the build-up of pressure before a thunderstorm, that heavy, loaded calm.

The curfew
Andy and Laura are good parents. They tell their son Connor that he can go out with friends to celebrate completing his exams, but he must be home by midnight.

The lie
When Connor misses his curfew, it sets off a series of events that will change the lives of five families forever.

The truth?
Because five teenagers went into the woods that night, but only four came out. And telling the truth might mean losing everything...


C M Ewan's new locked-in thriller THE INTERVIEW out today!

February 2022

The Interview is a gripping locked-room thriller from C. M. Ewan, the acclaimed author of A Window Breaks and the half-a-million-copy bestseller Safe House OUT TODAY 

It’s 5 p.m. on a Friday. You have been called to an interview for your dream job.

In a stunning office thirteen floors above the city below, you are all alone with the man interviewing you.

Everyone else has gone home for the weekend. The interview gets more and more disturbing.

You’re feeling scared. Your only way out is to answer a seemingly impossible question.

If you can’t . . . what happens next?

What authors are saying . . .

‘C.M. Ewan never once drops the pace in this heart-pounding rollercoaster of a thriller that had me up all night’ - Clare Mackintosh, author of Hostage

‘A brilliant hook, a breakneck game of cat and mouse, and twists galore’ - Tim Weaver, author of The Shadow at the Door

‘I couldn’t put The Interview down. Totally brilliant’ - B A Paris, author of The Therapist

‘So tense and twisty. An absolute nail-biter of a novel!’ - Gilly Macmillan, author of The Long Weekend

Samantha Tonge Publication Day

February 2022

Under One Roof, the latest book by Samantha Tonge, is out today! 

Robin hasn’t been home for decades. After running away to London, she never expected to see her cantankerous mother, Faye, again. But when Faye has a fall, the two women are thrown together once more.

The years apart have not made their hearts grow fonder and the ground between them is unsteady. Then Robin finds an unopened scroll – the last of the treasure hunts her much-missed father used to take them on every Sunday. A hunt he believed might change everything.

Yet, not even this gift from her beloved father can smooth the way until Robin’s daughter, Amber, arrives to meet her grandmother for the first time. Amber is determined that the decades-old mystery be solved.

Can a 30-year-old treasure hunt really 'change everything'?

Wonderful new novel from Jo Platt out today!

February 2022

Jo Platt is back with her new novel, Working It Out 

Her new colleague is about to shake things up...
When her love life crashed down around her, Edie found solace in work. But her job rapidly goes from uplifting to unbearable, with the departure of her work wife, Ruby, and the arrival in the office of new guy, Cameron - a chauvinist, a womaniser, and the very opposite of a team player. And just as things start to go downhill at work, Edie’s personal life takes a downturn too, when her ex, Jason, decides that right now would be the perfect moment to get back in touch and deliver some devastating news.

Edie's increasingly miserable work life and her complicated personal life are suddenly on a collision course. The big question is, will she be able to salvage anything from the wreckage?

A tender uplit novel of one woman’s accidental rediscovery of the perfect work-life balance.  

DI Riley Returns!

January 2022

Happiest of publication days to Anna-Lou Weatherley and The Night of the Party. This breathtaking new installment in the Detective Dan Riley series will have you on the edge of your seat to the last page. 

Two couples, three secrets, one murder. What happens at the party can't stay hidden for long...

"What a read!!! One of the BEST BOOKS EVER!" NetGalley Review.

"Wow, Wow, Wow! I devoured every word." GoodReads Review.

This is Anna-Lou Weatherley at her very best, make sure you get your copy now! 

It's back to Bourneville for Annie Murray!

January 2022

The chocolate girls are back in Bournville Green in this beautiful re-issue of the Sunday Times Bestselling hit, Chocolate Girls, from Annie Murray! 

The first in the series find out how it all began with Maryann Bartholomew and the lovely ladies of the Cadbury's factory. 

Bring the joys of selection boxes into the New Year with this heartful and fascinating look into the best loved chocolate empire!

Out now! 

Huge success for THE KEEPER OF STORIES

May 2022

Congratulations to Sally Page, the debut author of The Keeper of Stories, for over 75,000 sales across all formats in just 12 weeks!

This beautiful, heart-warming book has spent nearly it’s entire lifespan in the top-ten Most Sold on Amazon and is the 20th bestselling title within the Harper Collins family this year – an unprecedented achievement for a digital-first publication.

Kerry Fisher's new novel is out today!

May 2022

The Woman In My Home, the new gripping novel by Amazon charts bestseller Kerry Fisher, publishes today!

Finally, Cath has met someone: a man she loves, Robin, and who adores her in return. And after years of managing fine on her own, she feels she deserves some happiness. And who better to provide it than charming, fun-loving Robin?

She expected everyone to be delighted for her. But her friends and family are suspicious of Robin. And Rebecca, a desperate single mother who Cath has hired as a live-in housekeeper, doesn’t trust him either. He’s too slick, he’s too perfect and it all happened too fast… how well does Cath really know him?

When things start to go wrong in the house that’s been her haven for all these years, she’s forced to ask herself whether the man she loves is really what he seems… And having let Rebecca in to every part of her life, is Cath ready to face the secrets she might find there?

Available now!

Reacher returns at No.1!

April 2022

Reacher rules supreme at the top of the Sunday Times Paperback Fiction List this week in Better Off Dead. 

Reacher never backs down from a problem.

And he's about to find a big one, on a deserted road in Arizona, where a car has crashed into the only tree for miles around.

To get answers will be even harder. There are people in this hostile, empty place who would rather die than reveal their secrets.

But then, if Reacher is coming after you, you might be better off dead.

Out now in the UK in eBook, paperback and Audio! 

Reacher hits shelves in PB

March 2022

The No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller, Better Off Dead,  returns to shelves in paperback today in the UK, and in the US on 26th April.

If Reacher is coming after you, you might be better off dead! 

Discover the latest in the global phenomenon, available in paperback, audio and eBook now!

Literary Agent of the Year Shortlist Announced

March 2022

Congratulations to our very own Camilla Bolton on her well-deserved nomination for Literary Agent of the Year at this years Nibbies Awards. 

Camilla works tirelessly for the agency and her authors and we're thrilled that her incredible achievements have been recognised by the industry. 

Well done to Camilla and all the other nominees!


Wartime Friends out in HB!

March 2022

Happy Hardback Publication Day to Margaret Dickinson, back with her brilliant new book Wartime Friends!

A tale of unbreakable bonds in times of strife, Margaret's characters and beautifully woven stories will stay with you far beyond the final page. 

Get your copy from "the Queen of Saga" now! 

Charlie Parker is back with a bang!

February 2022

John Connolly's brilliant new Charlier Parker thriller The Nameless Ones is now out in the UK in PB, eBook and Audio.

The No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller will have you on the edge of your seat.

Five killers need to be found and punished before they can vanish into the east.

There is only one problem.

The sixth.

"This one is great stuff for the crime buff."-- "Kirkus Reviews"

"As always, the writing is exquisite: Connolly is a supremely talented storyteller, a genuine craftsman, and his books are a joy to read."-- "Booklist"

"A haunting nail-biter."-- "Publishers Weekly (starred review)"

Grab your copy now!  

New thriller from L V Matthews is Richard and Judy Book Club Spring Pick!

February 2022

THE TWINS is out today. Addictive new thriller from LV Matthews RICHARD AND JUDY'S SPRING BOOK CLUB PICK

'A compelling page-turner with an excellent twist' Catherine Cooper, author of The Chalet
'A fascinating tale of jealousy and betrayal' T.M. Logan, author of The Holiday


Margo is a live-in nanny for an upper-class family. Cora is a penniless dancer on the cusp of a big break.

Total opposites, bound by the worst secret you can imagine.

And when it's revealed, only one can survive.

But can there be a winner when a secret is so dark?

Reacher hits Prime

February 2022

The countdown is finally over! The brand new Reacher Series premieres tonight on Amazon Prime. 

Alan Ritchson stars in Lee Child's Original No.1 Internationally Bestselling Series! 

"If you've loved #Reacher, then this is as close as you will ever get to him on the screen. Trust me: It's perfect."

'Partnering with Amazon Studios for season one of ‘Reacher’ was a total delight – so I’m thrilled we’ll be working together again, for season two' – Lee Child

All episodes now streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime.

UK and US Publication Day for Beth Reekles

February 2022

Beth Reekles' debut adult novel, Love, Locked Down, is out today! The book will be published simultaneously in both the UK by Sphere and in the US by Wattpad.

When an apartment block is put on lockdown, its residents are in for a whirlwind week. Five couples. One week. A love story like no other...

Out now! 

First Hardback for Jacqui Rose

January 2022

The Streets can be a very dangerous place for some...we're about to find out! 

Queen of Gangland Jacqui Rose is back with a bang this New Year! 

And for the first time in glorious hardback! 

Pick up your copy today in hardback, eBook and Audio! 

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