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Double publication day for Kerry Fisher

July 2023

The Rome Apartment and Secrets at the Rome Apartment are out today! These are the first two titles in the Italian Escape series by Kerry Fisher. 

When Elizabeth drops her beloved only daughter off at college, she holds back the tears…fighting her worries about an empty nest with the thought of all the adventures that she and her husband Joel can now enjoy together. But as soon as they sit down to eat dinner that evening, Joel drops a bombshell. He wants a break.

Searching for an escape, Elizabeth discovers an apartment in Rome that is only available for three months rental to ‘an English woman of a certain age’. She reads on to find out the philosophy of Veronica, the 75-year-old owner, is that there is always joy to be found, however difficult the circumstances, and that it is an insult to the gift of life to not live it joyfully and fully – and that there is no better place to make this happen than Rome, the most beautiful city in the world.

Elizabeth accepts the challenge, and on arrival, finds that Veronica has a numbered list of challenges for her.

Available now!

Second Title for Beth Reekles

June 2023

FAKING IT, the second adult novel by Beth Reekles, author or Netflix sensation THE KISSING BOOTH, is out today!

Lifelong singleton, Sophie, is looking for love. With her friends settling down and her family piling on the pressure, it seems that her anonymous column about relationships is more successful than her actual dating life. But now, with her sister's wedding approaching, she's determined not to turn up alone - and if she can't find her soulmate in time, she'll just have to fake one.

Enter Harry. Charming, attractive and seeking a post-break-up distraction, he answers Sophie's plea on a dating app, promising an all-expenses-paid weekend to anyone crazy enough to go along with her charade. And with the wedding a hit and a calendar full of "couple" events on the horizon, the pair realise the only way they'll survive the next few months is with each other - and a little white lie . . .

But as their love deception deepens and the pair grow closer, Sophie realises their charade may be holding them back from facing the truth. After all, when you're pretending to be in love, how is it possible to find the real thing?

Out now!

Non-fiction debut for Honor Cargill-Martin

May 2023

Today marks publication day for MESSALINA, the debut non-fiction biography by Honor Cargill-Martin. 

This is the story of Messalina - third wife of Emperor Claudius and one of the most notorious women to have inhabited the Roman world. The scandalous image of the Empress Messalina as a ruthless and sexually insatiable schemer, derived from the work of Roman historians such as Tacitus and Suetonius, has taken deep root in the Western imagination.

Cargill-Martin sets out not to 'salvage' Messalina's reputation, but to look at her life in the context of her time. Above all, she seeks to reclaim the humanity of a life story previously circumscribed by currents of high politics and patriarchy.

Out now in hardback. 

UK publication for The Little Italian Hotel

July 2023

The Little Italian Hotel is out today in the UK! Uplifting and brimming with charm, this is the latest novel by Phaedra Patrick, bestselling author of Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone and The Library of Lost and Found.

Ginny Splinter, acclaimed radio host and relationship expert, prides herself on knowing what’s best for others. So, she’s sure her husband, Adrian, will love the special trip to Italy she’s planned for their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. But when Ginny presents the gift, he surprises her with his own very different plan: a divorce.

Beside herself with heartache, Ginny impulsively goes live on air to invite four heartbroken listeners to join her instead. From hiking the hills of Bologna to sharing a gondola in Venice and dancing until dawn, Ginny and her guests embark on a holiday of full of fun, hope and healing.

Out now!

The Memory Of You is out today!

May 2023

Samantha Tonge's latest novel, THE MEMORY OF YOU, publishes today in Ebook.

Alex would like to believe she’s a woman who has it all. Or that’s what she tells everyone, including herself. But this is far from true. Actually she’s on the cusp of losing her home, her dream career as a writer is in tatters, her ex won’t speak to her, and her mother’s gone forever.

But then a chance meeting with a stranger named Hope gives her the opportunity of a lifetime, when Hope jokes that perhaps Alex should take over her job in a cafe while she goes travelling. 

Just at that moment, it sounds like the answer to all her problems. So Alex persuades Hope to let her step into her shoes for a month. She brushes away Hope’s attempts to explain about the café, instead demanding to know more about the owner Tom.

But she should have asked to know more. Because the ‘Wrong Order Café’ isn’t like anywhere she’s ever been before. And Alex’s life is about to change forever…

Congratulations, Samantha!

Nielsen Award for Sally Page and THE KEEPER OF STORIES

February 2023

Huge congratulations to Sally Page for receiving a Nielsen Silver Award this week in recognition of her heartwarming, joyful debut novel THE KEEPER OF STORIES selling over 250,000 copies!

This award is the icing on the cake for Sally after hitting number 8 in The Sunday TImes Bestseller list in December and ending 2022 with translation rights sold in over 20 territories and counting.

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