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Film still of Tom Cruise, Lee Child and Rosamund Pike from the film Jack Reacher, adaptation of Lee Child's One Shot

Tom Cruise, Lee Child and Rosamund Pike in Jack Reacher, film adaptation of Lee Child's One Shot

With excellent relationships with producers in the UK and internationally, we look to place material in the hands of brilliant and passionate industry professionals with the vision and determination to get out authors' books adapted for the screen.

Darley Anderson handles dramatic rights for some authors. In 2013, he brought Dramatic Rights Agent, Sheila David, into the Agency.

Since coming in-house in 2013, Sheila has set up film and tv options for many Agency authors, orchestrating deals direct to studios and to independent TV and Film producers around the world. This year we have projects for film and tv at all stages: in active development, in production, in post-production and being broadcast on prime time TV.

In LA, the Agency has an excellent twenty-year relationship with US Talent Agent Steve Fisher at APA. They have successfully set up projects with major Hollywood Studios who have produced films starring A-list talent such as Tom Cruise (pictured) and Kevin Costner.

For Dramatic Rights enquiries, please contact Sheila David on sheila@darleyanderson.com.

Dramatic Rights News

First Look at Reacher: The Series!

The countdown begins! Check out the exclusive first look at the new Amazon Prime Original Series, Reacher! 

Click on the link here to find out now - Reacher!

Out on 4th February worldwide! Get yourself primed and ready!

Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone to become Hallmark Movie

Phaedra Patrick's Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone, is being developed into a Hallmark Movie. 

Shooting is due to begin this month, with Tom Everett Scott cast in the role of Benedict, alongside Mía Maestro as his wife and Ella Ballentine as Gemma. The movie is set for release on the 26th of September 2021.

Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone, published by Park Row Books in the US and HQ in the UK, and previously known as Wishes Under the Willow Tree in the UK, is Phaedra’s second novel, published after the success of her bestselling debut, The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper.

Phaedra is known for her curiously charming fiction and feel-good commercial reads about everyday people and their life journeys. Her books have been published in 24 languages and have won a number of prizes, including the French Prix des Lectrices Milady 2017

BBC Confirms Cast For Tana French's Dublin Murders Series

Killian Scott (Strike) and Sarah Greene (Penny Dreadful) are both confirmed as the leading detectives Rob Reilly and Cassie Maddox in the TV adaptation of Tana French’s internationally bestselling first two novels, In The Woods and The Likeness. Scott and Greene are joined by a predominantly Irish cast who have starred in hit TV shows including Game of Thrones and Vikings.

The eight part series, Dublin Murders, will be shown on BBC One, Starz and RTÉ. Sarah Phelps (And Then There Were None; Ordeal By Innocence) has written the screenplay.

BBC Executive Producer Elizabeth Kilgarriff says: “Dublin Murders is set to be a distinctive and thrilling new crime series for the BBC audience.”

Tana French is a New York Times Bestselling author, her novels have been translated into 35 languages.

For more information: https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2018/dublin-murders


The Search For A New Jack Reacher Begins

Tom Cruise previously starred as Jack Reacher in two major Hollywood movies but will not be reprising the role for TV.

Lee Child commended Cruise for all his work, saying, “I loved working with him, and he’s a terrific guy, and I loved what he did in both movies, but THE FANS never quite accepted the physicality aspect, so we’re making a change. But I’ll miss him and won’t hear a word against him.”

So the search is on to find a new Jack Reacher and now Lee is calling on fans everywhere to help him look out for an unknown actor (or relative unknown) to play Jack Reacher in the forthcoming series. Let them know! 

Tana French's Dublin Murder Squad Series to be Adapted for BBC One

Tana French's Dublin Murder Squad series is being adapted for television, to be aired on BBC One.

The first two books, In the Woods and The Likeness, both New York Times Bestsellers, are being reimagined for the screen by Sarah Phelps who has recently adapted several Agatha Christie books for the BBC. 

Tana is taking a backseat on the production of the series, telling BookBrunch "I'm not involved in the TV production at all. I'm not a screenwriter, and I figure the best thing is to leave it to the professionals. There are some great people involved."

Production on the series starts next year and the BBC has promised to deliver "a contemporary world of psychological mystery and darkness with a tap root that is sunk deep in Ireland's past." 

Latest Dramatic Rights Sales

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