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Mary Hargreaves

Mary Hargreaves has been writing stories in notebooks since she was seven years old. She spends most of her days in perfectly normal situations, imagining the most hilarious and awkward outcome. She is never without a book in her hand, and has spent her entire life in awe of people who put words on pages. Mary has a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology and works in research. She lives in Manchester City Centre with several dead potted plants, her husband and the imaginary dog he keeps promising her.

Enough Already

When a junior on her team pitches an exciting new idea to her boss, Briony is so preoccupied by her fear of public speaking that she misses the concept entirely, and ends up in a spiralling web of lies and excuses as she tries to manage a project she knows nothing about. When everything comes to a head with a colossal panic attack, she is signed off work for a month on mental health leave.

To make matters worse, Briony's boyfriend Ben is being distant, and her best friend Sami seems to have replaced her with a new work friend. And then there is her dad, who needs a lift home from jail - again. Briony feels like she will never be enough for any of them.

Briony decides that she needs to make a change, to become a better employee, a better girlfriend, a better friend and a better daughter, and signs up to a local social anxiety support group in order to deal with her issues. It is there that she meets Jordan and Sarah, two new friends who might just show Briony that she is 'enough' already

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This Is Not A Love Story

Maggie Gardiner isn’t good enough. She had six glasses of wine at a work conference, woke up covered in curry and has accidentally ended up living with the boring guy who was supposed to be a one night stand. Something has to change.

Every other twenty-something on Instagram seems to have their sh*t together, so why doesn’t she? And so she makes a list. When she’s ticked off every item, she’ll become Maggie 2.0 – the best version of herself, and the one she wants to be. Won’t she…?

1. Go vegan. It worked for that girl on Twitter.
2. Take up yoga – that woman she hate-follows swears by it
3. Start practicing mindfulness – all those people can’t be wrong…
4. Quit smoking. It’s not 1999.

This Is Not A Love Story is a book for anyone who’s ever wished they were perfect. It’s a book for anyone who feels like a failure. And it’s not a love story, it’s a real story. And it’s hilarious.

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