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Laura Carter

Laura Carter is the international bestselling author of the Vengeful Love series. Laura writes contemporary romance and women's fiction from her country home in Jersey (UKCI), where she lives with her husband and (gorgeous) dog.

She loves all things romance, including paper hearts, flowers, chocolates and champagne (not necessarily in that order). If she isn't writing or hanging around on social media, you can probably find her watching a romcom with a tub of Ben and Jerry's.

Times Like These

Is their friendship holding them together, or holding them back?

After years of putting work first, Andrea’s love life is a mess. In a complicated relationship and without the option of turning to her friends for advice, she’s at a crossroads with no clear direction.

Hannah is returning to work as Andrea’s PA after maternity leave, but her friend is keeping a secret from her and it’s affecting their relationship. Between Andrea’s mood swings and Hannah's chaotic family life, something’s got to give.

Trust-fund Rosalie wants to be taken seriously. Gifted a job by her CEO father, she can work alongside Andrea and Hannah, proving herself as responsible as them. But Rosalie will learn that there are no quick fixes in life, and not everything is as it seems with her friends...

As revelations and jealousies come to light, these friends struggle to figure out how they fit in each other's lives – and if their friendship is strong enough to survive their changing worlds.

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