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Kerry Fisher & Pat Sowa

Kerry Fisher is an internationally bestselling author of seven novels including The Silent Wife and The Woman I Was Before. She has sold over a million books worldwide. Take My Hand – cowritten with her lifelong friend, Pat, about both of their sons’ struggles with life-threatening illnesses – is an extension of her honest and forthright storytelling. She has now adjusted her favourite quotation from her writing teacher: ‘This is fiction, we can skip the boring bits’ to ‘This is real life, let’s celebrate the boring bits.’

Pat Sowa is on what she calls a survivor’s mission to change the way we think about, treat and respond to mental illness, both as professionals and in our home lives. Pat campaigns for everyone to be taught the skills to spot mental distress. She is an inspirational keynote speaker and has addressed over 2000 leaders in education since 2018 as a way of honouring her love for Dom, her son who died from mental illness at the age of seventeen. She also trains Mental Health First Aid – just one of the many examples of the work she does to get people talking about suicide so we can get better at keeping our loved ones safe. 'As a human I just want to make a difference – make the world a kinder place to live in.' Take My Hand, co-written with Kerry Fisher, is her first published work.

Take My Hand

Best friends since they met at university, Kerry and Pat had no idea that thirty years later, they’d need every ounce of their friendship to survive. In 2017, their worlds came crashing down when their teenage sons were both diagnosed with lifethreatening illnesses within weeks of each other.

During the following rollercoaster months, Kerry and Pat regularly snatched time to message each other – often with black humour –providing a momentary refuge from their frightening realities. Together these two ordinary mums found a way to survive their extraordinary challenges and to navigate a new normal in an alien and isolating world. With raw honesty, they share the things they’ve learnt and what
they wish they’d known – from how to tame raging mother guilt to restoring their natural optimism in the aftershock of tragedy.

In this profoundly moving book, Kerry and Pat take readers on a very personal exploration of the universal experiences of grief and loss, love and friendship that connect us all. Like a wise companion offering comfort, Take My Hand is a lifeline both to those overwhelmed by heartbreak and for friends and family who don’t know how to help. Most of all, it’s a powerful reminder that no matter how difficult life gets, you are not alone.

Readers who connected with the emotion of Dear Life, Grief Works and A Manual for Heartache can’t fail to be moved by Take My Hand.

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