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Jack Ford

Jack Ford is a novelist and is the author of six gritty British crime novels published under a pseudonym.

Having studied global political Islam and American politics, Jack went on to take a Master of Science degree in counter-terrorism and will further those studies next year by tackling a PHD focusing on radicalisation and and extremism.

Jack lives in a quiet part of England and has three children along with lots of dogs and horses.



Dead Edge

Two explosions at the same time.

In two different cities.

Ex-US Navy-turned-investigator Thomas J Cooper knows this is no random coincidence. This is a carefully planned attack calling for war on the US government.

The clock is ticking, and Cooper must stop the perpetrators before the threat of further bombings becomes a deadly reality.

With estranged wife Maddie working beside him, they travel from Washington to Burkina Faso in a dangerous trail to track down the killers. Engulfed in a murderous game, they must be the players with the winning final move…

Meet Thomas J Cooper.
Unpredictable. Unbreakable. Unstoppable. 

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The Killing Grounds


Ex-US Navy-turned-investigator Thomas J. Cooper is tortured by the past.

A deadly fight with Somali pirates and a tragic accident at sea have left him struggling with PTSD and an addiction to prescription drugs.

When he and his colleague Maddie return to the Democratic Republic of Congo to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a plane, what they find is far more sinister and dangerous…

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