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Hayley Doyle

Born in Liverpool in 1981, Hayley Doyle trained at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, LIPA, and worked as an actress for more than a decade, including playing Ali in West End Show Mamma Mia! She then went on to live and work in Dubai, where she founded Hayley’s Comet: a children’s theatre company specialising in musical theatre, acting and playwriting. During her time in Dubai, she was also a regular talk-show host on Dubai Eye 103.8, the UAE’s no.1 English-speaking talk radio station. Hayley currently lives in London with her husband and their two children.

Twittter: @HayleyDWrites

Love, Almost

Chloe and Jack are soulmates. But life has other plans…

Chloe is deliriously in love for the very first time. But when Jack, her boyfriend of five months, is killed in a tragic accident, she is left reeling. Their relationship was amazing – but it never really had the chance to get started.

Grieving but determined, Chloe decides to live life for the both of them and makes her way through the list of things they’d planned to do together – this time on her own.

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Darley Anderson Agency
UK & Commonwealth HarperCollins / Avon

Never Saw You Coming

Zara Khoury believes in love – so much so that she flies from Dubai to Liverpool to be with a man she barely knows. It’s a risk, but she’s certain that uprooting her life for Nick is the new start she needs.

Jim Glover is stuck. Since his Dad died, he’s put his dreams aside and stayed at home in Liverpool to care for his mum. Trapped in a dead-end job, he’s going nowhere – that is, until he gets a phone call that just might change his life..

Zara and Jim aren’t supposed to meet. But then fate steps in, and when their worlds – and cars! – collide, the real journey begins…

Territory Publisher/Agent
World Darley Anderson Agency (Camilla Bolton)
UK & Commonwealth HarperCollins / Avon
Czech Republic Metafora

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