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Dr. Paul Hauck

Dr. Paul Hauck, PhD. was a full-time clinical psychologist in Rock Island, Illinois, USA. He was a fellow of the Americal Psychological Association, and lectured widely on various aspects of psychology.

Paul wrote many articles for professional journals and is the author of over twenty self-help guides.

How To Be Your Own Best Friend

Many people feel guilty about putting themself first. But if you show love and attention to others, why not yourself?

Nobody in the world is perfect, and Dr Hauck shows you how to accept yourself as you are, because if you respect yourself, you will find the best in other people.

If you have ever felt infuriated or manipulated by others, this book will inspire you to stand up for yourself successfully.

You need never feel controlled again!

How To Cope With People Who Drive You Crazy

As part of the Overcoming Common Problems series, this book shows how to cope with the thoughtless behaviour of other people. 

Life throws up many hurdles that must be overcome if we are to develop and mature as decent human beings. Of all the 'tests' that we must surmount, surely one of the most difficult is dealing with people who make our lives a misery.
We have all met them: the 'control freak', the 'spoilt brat', the 'pessimist' and so on.

Paul Hauck's pioneering observatins and advice will help you change how you respond to those people so you can get on with your life a happier, calmer you.

Hold Your Head Up High

Do you worry about what people think of you? Do you sometimes feel everyone else is more confident and more successful than you are? Do you wish you could forget about judging yourself all the time and get on with your life? 

Many people suffer from low self-esteem and find it difficult to believe in themselves - to believe they deserve respect and consideration. But people can change, and learn to accept themselves as they are, without relying on other people's opinions. Readers should be able to overcome the feelings of failure, embarrassment and anxiety that can hold them back.

As part of the Overcoming Common Problems series, his book aims to help you to hold your head up high, be calm, confident and assertive, whatever happens to you.

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