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Constance Briscoe

Ugly spent twenty weeks on the Sunday Times hardback bestseller list and has sold nearly a million copies. 

Constance Briscoe  lives in Clapham with her two children, Martin and Francesca. 

In 2006, Constance was nominated for Woman of the Year and received the GG2 Leadership and Diversity Award for Achievement through Adversity.


Your Life or Mine

There were only ever two choices - your life or mine.

Alana Loxton was part of the all-female team to take down Barratt, a notorious serial killer.
He is safely behind bars when one of the detectives goes missing.

Her disappearance, and the connection to the killer, could be a coincidence – but when her body is discovered days later, a link begins to form.
Then another detective from the team goes missing and the situation becomes horrifically clear.

Someone is picking them off one by one – and Alana’s name is next on the list . . .

The Accused

Two girls. Both ex-cons and former working girls. One accused of murder

She was found at the crime scene in a pool of someone elses blood with the murder weapon still in her hand and no memory of how she got there. No wonder that the police believe Elizabeth Johnson isguilty of the so-called Sacred Heart Murder - a young woman viciously stabbed to death in a South London church.

Only Elizabeths best-friend, Sam Bailey, is determined to stand by her. But like Sam, Elizabeth is an ex-con and a former prostitute. No one will believe that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. After all with a past like hers, she has to be guilty of something

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Beyond Ugly


It was Constance's mother who told her she was ugly. Over and over again. And that was just one strand of a childhood blighted by physical and emotional abuse. But the young girl had a strength and resilience beyond her years. She put herself through university, financing her studies with several jobs -- including one caring for the terminally ill in a hospice -- and then fulfilled a lifelong ambition by joining a prestigious set of legal chambers. But Constance's troubles were not over !

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"A shocking, disturbing yet inspiring story" Daily Mail

Constance's mother systematically abused her daughter, both physically and emotionally, throughout her childhood. Regularly beaten and starved, the girl was so desperate she took herself off to Social Services and tried to get taken into care. When that failed, she swallowed bleach 'because it kills all known germs and my mother always told me I was a germ'. When Constance was thirteen, her mother simply moved out, leaving her daughter to fend for herself. There was no gas, no electricity and no food. But somehow Constance found the courage to survive her terrible start in life. This is her heartrending - and ultimately triumphant - story.

'If ever there was a book that celebrated the human spirit this is it.' Glamour

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