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Publication Day for Another Woman's Child

August 2020

Kerry Fisher's Another Woman's Child is set for publication today.

Could you take in your best friend’s child, even if it risked destroying your own family?

Another Woman’s Child is an unputdownable and heartbreaking read about the secrets we keep from our families, and the sacrifices we are willing to make for those we love.

Congratulations, Kerry!

The Mother I Could Have Been Publishes Today!

November 2019

Kerry Fisher's new novel, The Mother I Could Have Been, is out today.

As a child, Vicky Hall never had the sort of family she wanted. The least important person in her new step-family, ignored by her mother in favour of her two younger half-siblings, Vicky was always an afterthought. Sitting alone at her graduation ceremony at the age of twenty-one, she vows to create her own family and her own life, one which is full of the love and attention she has always craved.

When Vicky meets William and falls pregnant in Greece that summer, it isn’t planned. But the two of them believe they can make it work, showering their child with the love which they believe should be enough.

But when her son Theo is two, Vicky leaves him in the care of her mother-in-law, walks out of her front door and drives to a hotel where she takes a room for the night. She doesn’t return.

It’s unthinkable.What kind of mother does that?

The kind who is hiding a story you can never imagine.

Congratulations, Kerry!

Kerry Fisher's hooked a great new deal

April 2018

We are delighted to announce that bestselling author Kerry Fisher has signed a new 2 book deal with Bookouture! 

Fisher’s novels have now sold over half a million copies for Bookouture and The Silent Wife was one of Amazon UK’s Top 10 Bestselling Kindle Titles of 2017.

Bookouture will also be working with fellow Hachette divisions Little, Brown Book Group in the UK and Grand Central Publishing in the US to release the paperback editions of The Silent Wife, which will be published by both Sphere and Grand Central in autumn 2018.

Congrautlations, Kerry!

Kerry Fisher nominated

November 2017

We are thrilled to announce that Kerry Fisher's deeply moving novel After the Lie has been nominated for the Dublin Literary Award 2018!

The annual award is sponsored by Dublin City Council, the municipal government of Dublin, and administered by Dublin City Public Libraries. Now in its 23rd year, it aims to promote excellence in world literature. Nominations are submitted by library systems in major cities throughout the world.

Congratulations Kerry 

After the Lie published today!

April 2016

The gripping new novel by Kerry Fisher is published today by Bookouture!

Lydia has made a good life for herself, desperately trying to be and do the ‘right’ kind of things. But Lydia’s been living a lie for years and her husband, Mark, and her children have no idea about who she really is.

Nothing lasts forever, and the past catches up to her when the person who knows all Lydia’s little dark secrets turns up at the school gates, and his presence threatens to blow Lydia’s life apart.

What’s her terrible truth? Once the secret’s out, you can’t put it back...

This is a truly unputdownable book. 

Congratulations, Kerry!

A Winter Tale from Kerry Fisher

November 2014

With the countdown to Christmas on the approach, Kerry Fisher, author of The School Gate Survival Guide, is getting festive already.

Winter Tales – Stories to Warm Your Heart is a collection of twenty-four uplifting winter or Christmas-themed short stories written by the Write Romantics, a group of authors who met online through The Romantic Novelists’ Assocation’s New Writer’s scheme, and several published guests including Kerry Fisher. Inspired by Stephen Sutton, and his incredible fundraising, the anthology will be in aid of two charities: The Teenage Cancer Trust and Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

Kerry has contributed two Christmassy chapters from her upcoming book to the anthology. It will be available in paperback and eBook formats through Amazon on 8th November 2014. All proceeds to be split between The Teenage Cancer Trust and Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

For more information about the anthology, please click here.

The School Gate Survival Guide release

July 2014

We are excited to announce the publication of Kerry Fisher’s The School Gate Survival Guide in e-book today.

The School Gate Survival Guide will be published in paperback by Avon on 11th September but is available now in e-format.

Feisty Maia is a cleaner for ladies who lunch. She spends her life wiping up spilt Sauvignon Blanc and vacuuming around handbags before rushing back home to run around after her children's hopeless father on an estate where survival depends on your ability to look the other way. 

But an unusual inheritance catapults her into a different world where it seems no child can survive without organic apricots and Kumon maths classes and no woman can contemplate a week without pilates and pedicures.

As she dashes from coffee mornings to her mops and buckets, she is drawn to the one man who can help her 
family fit in. 

But is his interest in her purely professional or will her modern My Fair Lady experiment end in disaster? 

Congratulations, Kerry!

The Woman I Was Before out today in PB!

May 2020

Kerry Fisher's The Woman I Was Before is now out in PB.

Of all the emotions single mother Kate Jones feels as she walks into her brand new house on Parkview Road, hope is the most unexpected. She has changed her name and her daughter’s, and moved across the country to escape the single mistake that destroyed their lives.

Kate isn’t the only woman on the street starting afresh. Warm, whirlwind Gisela with her busy life and confident children, and sharp, composed Sally, with her spontaneous marriage and high-flying career, are the first new friends Kate has allowed herself in years. While she can’t help but envy their seemingly perfect lives, their friendship might help her leave her guilt behind.
Until one day, everything changes. Kate is called to the scene of a devastating car accident, the consequences of which will test everything the women thought they knew about each other, and themselves.

Can Kate stop her own secrets from unravelling, or was her hope for a new life in vain?

The Woman I Was Before

March 2019

Happy Publication Day to bestselling author Kerry Fisher! 

The Woman I Was Before is out in paperback now.

The Secret Child out now

November 2017

The Secret Child, the fourth novel by the bestselling author Kerry Fisher, is published by Bookouture today!

An early reviewer said, 'I could not put this book down all day long… What a layered, poignant, deep, beautiful story. Simply wonderful writing. I am a new fan of Kerry Fisher!'

Kerry's previous novel, The Silent Wife, was a No.2 Kindle bestseller and is one of Amazon's bestselling e-book titles of 2017. 

The Silent Wife out now

February 2017

Would you risk everything for the man you loved? Even if you knew he'd done something terrible?

The Silent Wife, the emotionally gripping family drama from Kerry Fisher, is published by Bookouture today!

Publisher Lydia Vassar-Smith said, 'An astonishing read. I really loved reading and adored the ending...an absolute blinder of a book.'

Get your copy here!

The Island Escape by Kerry Fisher is Released Today!

May 2015

Kerry Fisher’s fabulous second novel The Island Escape has been published today by HarperCollins!

Congratulations, Kerry!

‘well written and pacey, stuffed full of characters you’ll warm to and a couple you won’t, and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. A perfect beach read’ The Daily Mail

‘I laughed out loud…well written and witty.’ Novelicious


The School Gate Survival Guide is out now!

September 2014

Described as ‘a brilliantly astute novel. Memorable and pithy with bags of humour’  Kerry’s début novel, The School Gate Survival Guide, was published in e-book format in July and today the paperback edition hits the shelves.

Kerry said: 'I feel absolutely blessed to have come this far. I've worked hard and persevered, but I've also had some lucky breaks and massive support from so many readers, authors and friends. It's been quite humbling to see how generous-spirited people are. One of my lucky breaks was having Clare Wallace offer to represent me. Along with my editor, Helen Bolton, at Avon, Clare has helped to make the publishing process really enjoyable rather than daunting.'

‘Kerry’s writing style made it effortless to read and I got pulled in from the first page. I loved this book. It’s perfect for those summer afternoons. I look forward to seeing more from Kerry.’ Novel Kicks

‘Kerry Fisher has a really comfortable and well-paced writing style which only made the reading experience even more enjoyable. It's an engaging, entertaining, well-written and funny read; I loved it!’ ChickLit Club

To find out more about Kerry, please click here or follow her on Twitter @KerryFSwayne.

Huge congratulations, Kerry!

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