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Two Top Tens

March 2019

The Darley Anderson Agency has two authors in the paperback bestseller list:

Tim Weaver's You Were Gone in No 5!

John Connolly's The Woman in the Woods is No 10! 

The Witch Elm Now Available in the UK

February 2019

The New York Times Bestselling novel by Tana French French is out in hardback today. 

The Witch Elm is 'an absolute masterpiece', 'one of the most compulsive psychological mysteries since Donna Tartt's The Secret History . . . impossible to put down' 

You Were Gone Is Out in Paperback

February 2019

You Were Gone, the ninth book in Tim Weaver's bestselling David Raker Missing Persons series, is out today in paperback! It went to No 12 in hardback.

David Raker is called to a police station to find a woman who claims to be his late wife, Derryn. Derryn died eight years ago -- but this woman looks just like her, and knows everything about him. Raker's life and sanity now rests on convincing the police -- and himself -- that the real Derryn is dead, and discovering this woman's true motive.

Congratulations, Tim! 

Margaret Dickinson's The Brooklands Girls is a Bestseller

February 2019

After the first full week of sales The Brooklands Girls has jumped into the Top 10.

Another magnificent achievement for an author whose first novel was published 50 years ago.

Congratulations to Pan Macmillan for publishing her so well over many years and to Margaret herself for writing so many magnificent sagas. 

Finding Grace is out today!

February 2019

Finding Grace, KL Slater's eighth psychological thriller, is out today!

When Lucie and Blake let their daugher walk outside by herself for the first time, their worst nightmares come true as Grace doesn't return. In order to find Grace and bring her home, Lucie is forced to confront a past she had tried to keep hidden.  

Congratulations, Kim! 

Paris and Logan Receive Platinum and Silver

January 2019

Two Darley Anderson authors received awards at the Nielsen Bestseller Awards last night, 22 January.

B A Paris, who is a New York Times and Sunday Times Bestselling Author, was given the prestigious Platinum Award for her phenomenal Behind Closed Doors for over 1 million copies sold in the UK alone.

T M Logan was presented with a Silver Bestseller Award for his No 1 bestselling debut novel Lies which was one of the biggest selling eBooks of 2017.

Connolly and Child Feature in New York Times Select List of Best Crime Novels of 2018

January 2019

Influential NYT crime fiction reviewer Marilyn Stasio’s choices of the best crime Novels of 2018 include

John Connolly’s Charlie Parker novel The Woman in the Woods

Lee Child’s Jack Reacher novel Past Tense


Top Ten for Tana

February 2019

Tana French's The Witch Elm is No 9 on the Sunday Times Bestseller List after part week sales. 

This is the first time Tana French has been in the Top Ten in the UK. 

The Woman in the Woods, in paperback

February 2019

Sunday Times No 1 Bestsller The Woman in the Woods by John Connolly is out in paperback in the UK today! 

Phoebe Morgan's second novel, The Girl Next Door, is out today

February 2019

The Girl Next Door shows how Jane, the resident of a small town with a picture-perfect life, sees her life overturned and dark family secrets uncovered, following the murder of a local teenager. This 'skillfully plotted' psychological thriller (Cass Green) has already created a buzz among early readers.

Congratulations, Phoebe!

Magnificent Margaret Does it Again

February 2019

Fifty years after publishing her very first novel the remarkable Margaret Dickinson is still hitting the Bestseller Lists. 

Sales of The Brooklands Girls went straight into the Bestseller Lists at No 14 after only 3 days sales. 

The Brookland Girls is the sequel to her 2018 Bestseller The Poppy Girls. And the second is a trilogy featuring The Maitland family. Which will conclude with The Spitfire Girls in 2020. 

Many congratulations Margaret on your magnificent career and on this most recent success. 

To Catch a Killer is out today!

January 2019

To Catch a Killer, the first book in Emma Kavanagh's Wolf Trilogy, is out today. 

DS Alice Parr finds a challenge in a murder case where she struggles to even identify the victim. The killer, meanwhile, knows a lot of about Parr, and always seems to be one step ahead.

Congratulations, Emma!


Tana does it again in Germany!

January 2019

We are thrilled to announce that Tana French's exquisite standalone 'THE WYCH ELM' has reached the No. 2 spot in the German Spiegel bestseller list!

The novel published in Germany at the end of last year, and has already been named one of the best mystery novels to read in January.

Hailed 'a wise and elegant reflection on identity and memory' by Spiegel, we are delighted for Tana and her new novel.

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